Wendy Saves the Earth

I now believe in magic, psychics, angels, and Wendy.

This article is not going to read like my others. I have long been a proponent of science, and an ardent skeptic. I am now not those things. I still believe in being a skeptic, in not believing extraordinary claims without extraordinary proof, and at seeking truth above being comfortable, but I now believe in supernatural forces acting in this world we live in. I also believe I have an ability of my own… an ability to shut down those paranormal powers in others.

I found Officer Alazraqui and surviving victims of an American secret project called MK-ULTRA-2 in Rio De Janeiro. I had been sent plane tickets with no explanation. Officer Alazraqui was on the trail of Cornelius Boyle, the name associated with a great deal of carnage that I have investigated.

We followed Boyle to an old theater. I will try to describe the events which happened there.

As soon as I entered the structure, I saw the faces of the dead. People I remembered, who died untimely. I saw people who died in Louisiana, I saw Lily Carraway, and I saw H.P. Lovecraft. Yes, That was what I saw. I stabbed Lovecraft right in the throat, and he pulled the knife out and started singing “Bye Bye, Life”.

Media reported an earthquake in Rio, with mysteriously no damage.

The thing which looked like H.P. Lovecraft was actually a monster… something called a “Goqua” according to Wendy and Booker. It had been manipulating Cornelius Boyle, Melissa Covington, the Edda Gesselschaft and who knows what else, into a ritual it was performing… that it HAD performed, which was destroying the world around it.

This beast was supernatural, as were the things it had summoned to kill the victims of MK-ULTRA-2. It defeated Officer Alazraqui’s dark angel protector Dalkiel like he was of no consequence, and proceeded to treat the rest of us like dust to be swept away before him.

I was completely beaten even before the fight started. I made the wrong choice. Then I fought Lovecraft’s minions. Booker summoned rats to assist me, but it was a lost cause. Lovecraft… whatever he was, had won. He’d destroyed the world, and was just allowing us to watch.

Then Wendy came back. She’d been on a journey, and came back like a savior, and she beat Lovecraft.

I know there isn’t any existing proof for this. It’s exactly the kind of thing I’d pick apart, except for that I HAVE experienced it, and I have a lot of work ahead of me to expose things I DO have proof for, like the United States’ MK-ULTRA-2 program and the people it’s hurt.

As always, I am Chris Stevens, seeking the truth.

Wendy Saves the Earth

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