The Strange Case of John Adams Miller

David Berkowitz once claimed that the reason for his series of murders was his dog. David Berkowitz was completely insane. John Adams Miller claimed that the reason he slaughtered his family and two homeless men was an instruction given to him by the Devil through his television set.

John Adams Miller was also completely insane.

However, insanity isn’t always a complete explanation. Just because David Berkowitz was insane doesn’t mean no one was trying to manipulate him. Not his dog of course, but someone. Or something.

My first impression of John Adams Miller came from his neighbors. They described him as strange, reclusive, and somewhat timid. His wife Tiffany was supposed to have been friendly, his son John Junior a happy and healthy boy. He had no history of mental illness, but had become, over the past month, increasingly withdrawn and had been taken to watching his television for upwards of fifteen hours a day.

Based on what I’d heard, I felt like I knew what to expect on meeting the man in question. I’m no stranger to prisoners, or to insanity. And when I met John Adams Miller at Bakersfield County Jail, I felt for quite a while that I was speaking to just another madman.

The thing that changed my mind, believe it or not, was when he started singing.

My partner Wendy is a beautiful woman who says what she thinks. Usually she thinks mean things… or otherwise inappropriate things. After she said one of those signature things, John Adams Miller started singing. And he tried to kill us. I have the whole thing recorded, please listen to it on the publication front page. It really has to be heard to experience the greater impact.

John Adams Miller claimed to know who Wendy and I were, despite having had no knowledge of the publication we work for. Something Wendy said triggered an unusual and violent response. These symptoms point (though not unerringly) to a common conclusion:

John Adams Miller had been coached. By someone calling himself Cornelius Boyle.

I knew the name because of the place John Adams Miller bought his television. Corner Pawn, owner: Cornelius Boyle. I suspected the conditioning because of Miller’s reactions. My partner Wendy (Majored in psychology at Colombia) agreed.

This is the part of this story which I can’t, in good conscience, say I can accurately describe: my trip to Corner Pawn. A later toxicology report showed that I tested positive for LSD and Ecstasy, which I can say with certainty I did NOT take willingly.

Corner Pawn was long dead. Out of business, doors and windows boarded up. Wendy and I were looking around the building when two masked men attacked us. I know this happened, because later police reports found their blood at the scene. We tried to evade them by breaking in the back door of Corner Pawn, but they followed us.

I killed one man. I’m licensed to carry a concealed weapon in the state of California, and I exercise that privilege. I shot a man in the leg, trying to incapacitate him, and he died. He was armed as well, and I tried to save his life. His accomplice stabbed Wendy with a switchblade…

And my God, she made him regret it. She, I promise, kicked him in the face so hard that he did a complete backflip. He was out cold more than a full minute.

Then, we were attacked by beetles. A species never documented anywhere. I still have scars on my leg where the things bit me… these insects must have been nine inches long, and I saw them begin eating alive the still living man who stabbed Wendy. I watched as his face dissolved while their paralytic venom trapped him in whatever living hell he experienced for his last moments of life.

Wendy had to drag me from the premises. One of the beetles bit her, but she handled the venom as easily as I’ve ever seen anyone handle anything. I called 911.

The hospital told me about my toxscreen results. They also said it looked as though I’d been bitten by brown recluse spiders. I can’t dispute that my perceptions may have been altered, but that is NOT the way I remember the sequence of events.

Police investigation found blood inside the building, but no bodies. They assumed the assailants who attacked us must have fled. I know that isn’t true: one man was dead. I know he was dead. But his body was not at the scene.

I still struggle with myself trying to complete my memories of that incident with what must, scientifically, be more likely. Wendy took photographs, though. She has actual evidence of what happened. So, I believe the beetles were real. An unclassified, heretofore unknown venomous species. And they may still be active within the city of Bakersfield, if they have not died.

I believe this nasty, virulent species to have been the booby trap defense set by the same Cornelius Boyle who owned Corner Pawn, and who drove John Adams Miller insane. Make no mistake, John Adams Miller IS insane. He killed all the people he is accused of killing. But something was behind that insanity.

ADDENDUM: An evidence technician for the Police Department of the City of Bakersfield, a man who opened the casing of the same television set owned by John Adams Miller, the same set sold at Corner Pawn by Cornelius Boyle, has been fired for stockpiling the corpses of cats in the department evidence room. I knew this man, and I don’t believe he was the type to be capable of such odd necro-fascination. I can’t say what type of signals were designed to come from this television, but I can say that they appear to have continued.

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