The nature of belief

Yo, Wendyphiles! How’s it hangin’???

I love my fans, alright? Love ’em.

But that doesn’t mean I want each and every one of them to fuck me, you understand???? You can’t just come up and expect me to fuck you, not for money, not for anything!!!

We had a case in Great Falls, where this poor girl was raped. The guy who raped her, figured he could rape me because of things I’ve done in the past. He’s dead now, and he deserves to be. He raped innocent girls because he figured they were sluts. Fuck him, and fuck you if you agree with him.


Okay, positive note: UFO encounter!!!! Me, Chris and John all saw them, and we all saw something different. Why? Because we EXPECTED something different, Wendyphiles! It’s all in your mind, but it’s like, triggered by an outside source. I’m hoping to get… I guess… “beamed up” again sometime!

The nature of belief ben_rae_5203 ben_rae_5203