The Case of the Unfinished File

Several attempted homicides marred the beautiful city of San Francisco recently, in a case which reminded me more than a little of the case of John Adams Miller in Bakersfield.

The story I received was of a young man named Casper Wyatt who had injured his brother and that same brother’s girlfriend. It was a simple account.

However, the simple facts were not so simple.

Casper Wyatt deafened himself, and attempted to claw his own eyes out when I tried communicating with him by writing. The same was true of another sufferer, a man called John Doe by the SFPD but whom I learned to be named Anthony Hope.

A simple code was at the center of this insanity. It was nonsense, but something about its pattern proved capable of driving vulnerable minds to madness.

Steven Wyatt, the brother of Casper, murdered his girlfriend only days after she had been critically injured by Casper.

It isn’t a story with a happy ending. Only an ending which wasn’t as tragic as it might have been.

The Case of the Unfinished File ben_rae_5203 ben_rae_5203