The Case of the Saint

Former police officer Cynthia Alazraqui has been sighted in several places in South America, reportedly engaging in a one-woman war against drug cartels and the gang called MS-13. People have started calling her a “Warrior Saint”, and miracles have been accompanied by angel sightings at the locations she’s visited.

Officer Alazraqui is an amazing woman. I’ve met her, and she has the fierce persona and iron will you might associate with legends of Amazons or goddesses. She seemed totally without fear and completely dedicated to justice when I met her in Texas, and the scattered reports in Spanish and Portuguese language sites seem to back up that impression.

Many of the articles I have read say that locals regard her as a religious figure, a protector of the weak, and that common people are doing their best to conceal her presence from government agencies, regarded as corrupt or inept, lacking the drive and inclination to protect the ignored masses whom Officer Alazraqui has clearly not forgotten.

Godspeed, warrior saint.

The Case of the Saint ben_rae_5203 ben_rae_5203