The Case of the Alien Abduction

I have to confess, I didn’t know anything about Nebraska prior to this story. After this story, I know two things about Nebraska: It has a great deal of corn fields, and a slight slip of the tongue can cause a county sheriff to abandon you completely.

My initial reason for going to Nebraska was to investigate a missing person. A young man who is, to date, still missing. His girlfriend, the last person known to have seen him, was found having been raped the morning after they were known to be together. The young woman who had been raped was in a mental hospital following a suicide attempt. She was traumatized and being observed for her own safety.

I do not, as yet, believe that alien abductions can be proven. I know some flames will be coming my way for this, but I feel that the evidence just is not there for a conclusive result. The experiences I had in Nebraska have not changed my beliefs.

My photojournalist Wendy and our bodyguard were chasing a lead while I was on the phone (First day) in Nebraska. They came back to me, the bodyguard with bloody knuckles, saying that someone had been beaten nearly to death.

I don’t think I have to tell you, this is a tough way to start the day. Your coworkers potentially on the lam from the law, you not knowing whether to turn them in or turn a blind eye. And, as a reporter, I don’t turn a blind eye. Not ever.

However, God help me, I trust Wendy. She doesn’t lie to me. And she told me that this guy, the one nearly beaten to death, had it coming.

Those of you who subscribe to our rival, the Weekly World News, will have seen the reports that a “friend of Wendy Root” brutally pummeled an innocent student. Technically (This time) they were correct.

The man our bodyguard punched was a rapist. He had every intention of turning his nauseating moves on Wendy. He abducted her and our bodyguard, taking them to a scene of alien fantasy, where he had previously raped the young woman who caught attention on the internet.

I can’t give you all the details, readers. I won’t ever make up facts where I don’t have them. I can only say that my partners later told me the man, one Gordon Peters, tried to assault them both in a strange place which nearly identically matched drawings in Mr. Peters journal.

Our bodyguard says Mr. Peters is dead. I can’t confirm that… but I really, truly, hope it is true. What I found about Peters indicates to me that he is a man who constructs elaborate, alien-based rape fantasies. Also, that he tried to act at least a few of them out. I don’t mourn him, and neither should you.

The Case of the Alien Abduction ben_rae_5203 ben_rae_5203