The Case of the Red Stain

For anyone who has never been to Mutton Bay, Quebec, let me offer this advice: Learn some French before you go. Wendy and I neglected to do this and as a result we only ever got one meal that arrived as what we wanted.

Our initial reason for visiting Mutton Bay was to look at a supposedly haunted house. The owner was elderly and probably a little senile, but she told us (Through her son, who spoke English) that the spirit in her home would manifest at noon every day, and that it would move objects in her home. Also, a blood stain continually reappeared in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Long story short, it was an old house with some very red rust and supports which would shift in the noonday sun, making things around the house move. Once again, this was a case of natural phenomena.

In a strange event following, however, Wendy and I came across a story of a parasitic fish which has yet to be scientifically classified. A boat in the bay sank, tragically taking four people with it. The sole survivor related the story of reeling in a massive fish and the way its bite took over people’s minds.

I have no way to verify this story, but it does connect to legends which are common in the South Pacific, the land of origin of the survivor. If it IS true, it certainly makes me a bit more worried about swimming in the oceans.

The Case of the Red Stain ben_rae_5203 ben_rae_5203