A Return to Abnormalcy
Cultists, psychopaths, and fish

After a year of participating in Senate hearings, resumes its investigations.

After a long overdue visit to Mutton Bay, Quebec, Chris and Wendy assisted Frank Black in investigating a serial killer in Hoboken and attempted to track down a new species of animal in the Ozarks.

The World Does Not End
UFOs, Lovecraft, and Ghouls

Following a month-long vacation, Wendy Root disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Her friends Bonnie Beats and Thrash Curwen filled in for her on hiatus.

In San Francisco, a computer code drove Anthony Hope, Casper and Steven Wyatt completely insane, leading to mutilations and many serious injuries.

In Detroit, a young man captured several homeless derelicts with the intent of draining their blood.

In Rio De Janeiro, the world nearly ended.

A Dark Angel Spreads its Wings
Death and Texas

A terrible tragedy struck a concert being played by Wendy Root’s rock band, Liquid Life. Confused hallucinations and a riot claimed many lives during a blackout. The arrival of Booker Delapoer, son of Doctor William Delapoer, seemed to keep casualties much lower than they otherwise might have been.

Following a lead which had been stagnating for more than a month, Chris and Wendy investigated an unusual photograph of Officer Cynthia Alazraqui in Austin, Texas. Finding nothing unusual, they pursued a different lead which pointed back to New York.

After uncovering a man who appeared to have regrown an arm, the reporters unwittingly found themselves on the wrong side of the law, facing multiple felony charges. The man who had been allegedly wronged mysteriously vanished without a trace, leaving police with nothing to charge the reporters with… for the time being.

The case in Texas returned, with many mysterious deaths occurring. The confused events which followed may have made a believer out of prominent skeptic Chris.

Alien Abductions, Death in the Family, and Mold
Elusive games with Cornelius Boyle

Wendy Root, Chris Stevens, and their new bodyguard John Marsh, investigated reports of an alien abduction in McCook, Nebraska. John proved to be willing to punch people with little provocation.

The group was accompanied by famed psychic Peter Sokolsky on a trip to Block Island, Rhode Island, where they were quarantined by the Center for Disease Control due to a mold outbreak. They all thankfully survived.

Before trying to investigate a police officer in Austin, Texas, the reporters were allowed time to attend the will reading of Wendy’s late Uncle Jerry.

The Discovery of Cornelius Boyle
Dances with Werewolves

Wendy Root, photojournalist, and Chris Stevens, noted debunker and skeptic, looked into a case in Bakersfield, California of a man named John Adams Miller who believed the Devil was controlling him through the television. They convinced Bakersfield PD to take the television as evidence. An evidence tech opened the casing of the set to discover some markings matching a series of notes left by a man named Cornelius Boyle.

Weeks later, a case emerged in New Orleans of a mortician’s assistant blasting away at corpses in the morgue where he worked. Chris and Wendy managed to track down a material witness as well as uncovering an unexpected past for one of the bullet riddled corpses.

A sad side note: a Bakersfield Police Department evidence tech was caught stockpiling dead cats in his evidence lockers. He was fired.

Although the duo were still struggling with their story in New Orleans, a new case called them away to Great Falls, Montana. A report of cattle mutilation and a sighting… of a werewolf. Locals believed it to be a teenage boy named One Hawk, whose family, proud Native Americans, claimed to be able to take on the spirit of the wolf. Their beliefs may have been a cause of their own tragedy, as the community took on a mob mentality and beat One Hawk to death, injuring seriously several other members of his family.

As an added tragedy, Chris and Wendy uncovered the true source of the cattle mutilations: a family remaining at large.


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