Tag: Liquid Life


  • The Case of Wendy's Concert

    It's well known by now that I'm trying to catch up to a group which I can only refer to by the name it gives itself: Cornelius Boyle. The recent horrific and violent attack on a downtown club venue was orchestrated by them, and it hurt someone very close …

  • Wendy Root

    Wendy has had a host of jobs in her life: legitimate journalist, close up magician, porn star, musician, palm reader, courtroom defendant, tabloid reporter... the list goes on. Wendy has been left hurt and jaded by her life experiences, and feels like …

  • Thrash Curwen

    Thrash is a troubled girl with a drug problem. She also has an anger problem, which is really a much bigger problem for those she might be angry at.

  • Bonnie Beats

    Nami Nakamura is a Juliard graduate who may be spinning her wheels. she is the mellowest member of Liquid Life, and acts as a tempering influence on the other two.