A Dark Angel Spreads its Wings

Death and Texas

A terrible tragedy struck a concert being played by Wendy Root’s rock band, Liquid Life. Confused hallucinations and a riot claimed many lives during a blackout. The arrival of Booker Delapoer, son of Doctor William Delapoer, seemed to keep casualties much lower than they otherwise might have been.

Following a lead which had been stagnating for more than a month, Chris and Wendy investigated an unusual photograph of Officer Cynthia Alazraqui in Austin, Texas. Finding nothing unusual, they pursued a different lead which pointed back to New York.

After uncovering a man who appeared to have regrown an arm, the reporters unwittingly found themselves on the wrong side of the law, facing multiple felony charges. The man who had been allegedly wronged mysteriously vanished without a trace, leaving police with nothing to charge the reporters with… for the time being.

The case in Texas returned, with many mysterious deaths occurring. The confused events which followed may have made a believer out of prominent skeptic Chris.


ben_rae_5203 ben_rae_5203

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